We are looking for beer lovin’, community buildin’, social media-totin’ Beer City Ambassadors.

Beer City is a new beer festival and running series. Beer City takes place in Alameda, Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Ana/Orange Couty, and Santa Rosa. We have to get the word out to build our community! That’s why there are Beer City Ambassadors.

Your role as a Beer City Ambassador is to grow our community – beer drinkers, brewers, musicians, artists, runners, dog owners, parents. Everyone who loves beer, especially those that also love running. 

You also act as a positive example at all times, whether it’s a community event, an event where we have a booth, a beer tasting we host, or one of our races. 

For your efforts, there is great schwag, free tickets, recognition and, good old-timey money.

Ambassador duties include:

Ambassadors should love beer and the community it brings together. There are two kinds of Ambassadors – Beer and Running – that reflect the to big parts of Beer City. 

Our Ambassadors are a diverse group with a common interest in craft beer!

Click here to apply.


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