The Beer Trail is our way to bring business to your taproom. In return you help us promote Beer City.

The Beer City Beer Trail takes place from January 25 to February 25. It’s free and is a way to build community and get people excited about each Beer City Festival. You, the brewer or taproom, are a big part of that community. Beer City happens at your place every day.


Taking part in The Beer Trail is easy. We ask people to visit 10 participating locations and text or post pictures about themselves. In return, they get a ‘token’ for each brewer they visit. These are pins. People love taking pictures of themselves. People love pins. (examples below)


When someone visits 5 locations, we donate $5 to charity. If they visit 10 locations, text 10 times, gets 10 tokens, they earn the chance to win prizes. You can see how we describe this to our customers on this page (link). 


As a brewer or taproom, The Beer Trail is also free for you to join. We give you your first bag of pins. We ask you to do a few things. Some are optional. Some aren’t. All of them are good business.


By signing up, you agree to do these things:

The Beer Trail should be easy and fun for everyone. Here’s what your pin could look like. Here’s the signup form again. Got questions? Email us at or text 510-800-7688.




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